Peak District Rideout

Matt G

83.19 miles

2h 46m

29.93 mph


A long ride which takes you through Lymm, Altringham, Wilmslow and Macclesfield before getting to the open roads on the Peak District. This route is mainly for the scenery, but is great fun on a warm summers day! Be aware of the speed cameras, especially around Buxton and Stockport!

  7.6 ℃
5.47 m/s
  9.7 ℃
6.46 m/s
  11.8 ℃
4.76 m/s
  14.3 ℃
5.06 m/s
  14 ℃
5.32 m/s
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Meeting Places Along This Route

Found in Rivington Pike, this meeting point is surrounded by excellent biking roads going to Bolton, Blackburn and more. Generally always busy, especially on a sunny day. Some of the roads...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

A large and popular pub right on the edge of Hollingworth Lake and Country Park.

 Hot Drinks  Alcoholic Drinks  Food Available

A popular motor bike meet with bikers coming Liverpool, Warrington and all other surround areas on Wednesday evenings.

Meeting Point
The Biker’s Food Emporium is a must visit for any biking enthusiast and it’s busy any day of the week. It’s a great place to meet up with fellow bikers who will definitely be intereste...

 Hot Drinks

Coffee 500 is a relatively new coffee shop in Widnes which has only recently opened. The cafe offers very high quality coffee along with cakes, ice-cream and hot sandwiches. There's ample...

 Hot Drinks

Up there with the best biker cafes in the country the Lynn's Raven Truck Stop does good food and always popular on a Thursday night with bikers!

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Fourways Café and Grill is open every day and well know for it's full English breakfasts. It's located within the carpark of J&S Accessories, which is also a popular place to find bikers h...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Located at the heart of The Peak District, Grindleford Station Cafe is considered a real haven for bikers. This cafe is a popular motorbike meeting point for lots of riders and often the pla...

Located in Wardlow Mires, The Yondermann Cafe has been serving customers for the last sixty years and it is considered the best biker cafe in Derbyshire. This motorbike meeting point offers...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Jem's Pit Stop is set inside Jem Speed Shop and the whole diner is filled with automotive memorabilia. You can pick up meal, cakes or simply a quick coffee, before being on your way.

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

This one isn't really a meeting point, but the carpark for the BMW and Harley Davidson garage is usually quite busy with bikers coming and going. There's also a small porta-cafe which do...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Can be found on the A53 from Leek to Buxton. A brilliant pub that has a wide choice of beers and food, all at a fantastic location.

 Hot Drinks  Alcoholic Drinks  Food Available

You will always find lots of bikers at the Glossop Cafeteria, especially on weekends! Make sure you get there nice and early so you can give it's full English a go!

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Meeting Point
The Veterans Garage is a new endeavour to create a social hub to support military veterans across the North West. Based at Barton Airport, there's a large car park and also pitches availa...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Meeting Point
You'll find this Bistro inside Millenium Motorcycles. It's famous for its "Full Monty" breakfast, so give it a try.

You'll find this cafe just behind the Edgerton Arms in a layby. It's a nice place to stop off for food if you're making your way to or from Chester.

Located within the breath taking surroundings of Little Budworth village, Oulton Park Circuit is one of the most desirable circuits by both riders and spectators. Oulton Park Circuit has thr...

Located in Wigan, The Three Sisters Circuit is rated as one of the most challenging race tracks in North West region. It is an ideal place to learn the amazing art of track riding and also p...

Enduro Track
Preston Docks MX Track boasts of having premium motocross facilities and it attracts bikers from all over the UK. The motocross tracks are made available on every weekend for members who com...