Preston Docks MX Track

  Wallend Road, Preston, PR2 2HW, United Kingdom

About the Enduro Track

Preston Docks MX Track boasts of having premium motocross facilities and it attracts bikers from all over the UK. The motocross tracks are made available on every weekend for members who come with their own kits and there’s also a course created by the team at Preston Docks which offers the opportunity for young people to learn different riding techniques whilst under expert supervision.

Preston Docks features two different tracks that cover different types of jumps such as drop offs, table tops and ski jumps. The main circuit includes loamy berms, split sections, table tops and rhythm sections. The junior track is solely loamy dirt to helps beginners master their riding skills in a real off road environment.

During track days, you’ll find both marshals and first aiders dotted around the track ensure the safety of the riders.

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