Thursday Night Bike Meets

Find a Thursday night bike night happening near you.

Found in Rivington Pike, this meeting point is surrounded by excellent biking roads going to Bolton, Blackburn and more. Generally always busy, especially on a sunny day. Some of the roads...

 5   Hot Drinks  Food Available

Up there with the best biker cafes in the country the Lynn's Raven Truck Stop does good food and always popular on a Thursday night with bikers!

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

This is popular with a range of visitors including; walkers, cyclists, bikers, etc etc. There is a large carpark to make riding your bike in really easy and a classic motorcycle night on...

 Hot Drinks

Located near Weston Super Mare, Scally's Rock and Biker Bar is an attractive and unique bar, which is decorated with a motorbike theme. The cafe is open every day thorough out the week and...

Meeting Point
The Iron Horse Ranch has a popular bike night on Thursdays, between the start of April and the end of September. It's free to get in and there's food and drinks available. Also a nearb...

 Hot Drinks  Petrol Station Nearby  Food Available

A Thursday night bike meet. Quite often a van selling pies and hit drinks.

 5   Hot Drinks  Food Available