The Cat and Fiddle

Lewis D

11.65 miles


34.96 mph


One of the most popular routes with riders from all across the UK. This ride is filled with fast straights and wide, open corners, and surrounded by picturesque scenery. Known as one of the more dangerous roads in Britain, so take care!

  1 ℃
9.27 m/s
  5.4 ℃
2.92 m/s
  4 ℃
3.86 m/s
  8.4 ℃
11.67 m/s
  7.6 ℃
6.76 m/s
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Meeting Places Along This Route

A large and popular pub right on the edge of Hollingworth Lake and Country Park.

 Hot Drinks  Alcoholic Drinks  Food Available

Rumoured to be the best cafe in the area!

A cafe that does great food, right in the heart of the Peak District.

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Can be found on the A53 from Leek to Buxton. A brilliant pub that has a wide choice of beers and food, all at a fantastic location.

 Hot Drinks  Alcoholic Drinks  Food Available

You will always find lots of bikers at the Glossop Cafeteria, especially on weekends! Make sure you get there nice and early so you can give it's full English a go!

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

Meeting Point
The Veterans Garage is a new endeavour to create a social hub to support military veterans across the North West. Based at Barton Airport, there's a large car park and also pitches availa...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available