Horse Shoe Pass

Patrick E


A nice short run with great scenery. This route passes The Ponderosa Cafe which is popular with bikers, so could always pop in for a cuppa.

Tend to find quite a high police presence around the summer months.

  5.4 ℃
9.57 m/s
  5.8 ℃
1.87 m/s
  5.9 ℃
5.36 m/s
  8.9 ℃
13.47 m/s
  8.1 ℃
7.36 m/s
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Meeting Places Along This Route

This cafe is extremely well-known by motorcycle enthusiasts and is surrounded by wonderful roads and scenery making it always busy especially when the sun's out! It is situated in one of the...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

A nice riverside cafe just off the A5.

Open 7 days a week with an early close on a Sunday. This cafe hasn't been around for long, but is quickly becoming popular amongst the biker community. It's a great place to have a rest whil...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

This one isn't really a meeting point, but the carpark for the BMW and Harley Davidson garage is usually quite busy with bikers coming and going. There's also a small porta-cafe which do...

 Hot Drinks  Food Available

 Hot Drinks  Petrol Station Nearby  Food Available