Whiteways Cafe

  Bury Hill, Houghton, Arundel, BN18 9FD

About the Cafe

Whiteways Cafe is located only a short distance from the amazing views of West Sussex and South Downs. This brilliant motorbike meeting point is popular with all bikers from the area and many who come from further afield. Although this cafe attracts many of visitors throughout a week, Sunday remains the busiest day, drawing both bikers and until late on.

Whiteways Cafe has a great atmosphere and is an ideal place for bikers to relax and meet others from the area. The cafe is famous for it's tea and coffee along with other items on it's menu such as burgers, sandwiches or just an ice-cream.

The cafe organises several well-known events in the summer months that are generally tailored either to classic or newer motorbikes models, although any bikes are welcome to any events.

Usually, the cafe stays open from 8am to 5pm but the timings may vary during the winter and shoulder seasons.

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